Vision, Mission, Objectives


A prosperous community in a conserved environment


Working with communities for sustainable development




Equality and

Sustainable livelihoods

Thematic areas

1. Sustainable house hold incomes and food security.

2. HIV/AIDS and health related issues

3. Education and human rights advocacy

Strategic objectives

1. Develop and spread out services to member community groups, to sustainable increase productivity of prioritized crops and expand existing value chain capacity for improved food security and competitiveness to markets.

2. Facilitate communities and health units’ activities for increased uptake and retention into care of HTC, ART, ANC, PNC, SRH and other health services in Kalangala District.

3. Increase local responses to address land and human rights imbalances inflected on women, children, PLHIV, PWDs, youth, and elderly persons in Kalangala district.

4. Enhance the capacity of BIDA and its sister community groups to raise their local resources base to sustainably respond to issues that affect social-economic rights of  fisher folk.