Project Outcomes

Empowering fishing communities to fight HIV & its impact project outcomes

Outcome 1
By the end of the four years of the project, 70% of the project beneficiaries will have increased access to HIV /AIDS information and education, HIV testing, home-based care services, and other HIV-related services resulting in: 50% increase in PLWHAs going for VCT and ART services and 50% condom use.

Outcome 2
By the end of the project, members of the 28 Circles will have increased awareness and respect for women´┐Żs rights and a greater capacity to challenge attitudes and practices that fuel the spread of HIV.

Outcome 3

By the end of the four-year project, at least 500 women will have access to affordable loans from a community managed revolving micro-credit scheme and knowledge and skills in record keeping, business management and wealth creation.

Outcome 4

By the end of the four-year project, PAMOJA, BIDA and 28 STAR Circles will be more effective with a greater capacity to better support their communities on HIV/AIDS issues.