With support from development partners and Government agencies, BIDA and its affiliate groups have made great contributed in transforming peoples' livelihoods from predominantly fisher transient community to permanently settled lifestyles.

Key successes have been in the following areas.

  1. Community mobilization and sensitization through groups' formation and supporting them to implement community action plans
  2. sensitizing communities in the importance of  education and learning of multiple skills
  3. ensuring food security through sensitizing the community about land and property rights and, offering loans plus seedlings for food and fruit production.
  4. stimulating the need of HIV/AIDs prevention, health improvements, environment conservation, and human rights promotion activities.

After more re orientation of Star groups, heath units staff and other stakeholders on HIV, it has resulted into increased cooperation between BIDA /Star circles on one side and health unit Staff on other side in mobilizing more clients than before who  received health services as evidenced in the record books which also reported reduced deaths resulting from HIV and unless one testifies that he or she is positive, it is not easy to tell that one is an HIV positive person ( PHA) with mere observation.

Special arrangements were made to enable PHAs with stigma to access CD4 services at different fish landings at night and referrals to health center iv ( H/U4) and 50% of those who accessed CD4 services have started on ARVs. Two community referral transport services have been started -Mukaka to Bukasa H/U4 and Bbosa to Kalangala H/U4 with fuel subsidy from BIDA. As BIDA we also began a one weekly referral service to Kalangala H/U4


                                                                   OUTCOMES OF THE RE-ORIENTATION

With more knowledge and access on basic production rights, women rights and those of vulnerable groups, many actions against violators have been handled at community level, health units and polices. A number of PHAs who are volunteer counselors have grown to an average of three per village and in areas like Kitobo, BIDA has linked with paralegals to support vulnerable persons and prosecute perpetual violators. We have evidence of seven couples who perpetually used to fight each other at night resulting into severe injuries that have been counseled and ended gender based violence in their homes.